KdGPlanner is a side project of 2 students Applied Informatics, here at KdG.

KdGPlanner uses the publicly available data supplied by mytimetable/mijnrooster and is in no way associated with KdG itself.

Our schedules are updated every 2 hours, but sometimes there may still be incorrect data, we are not responsible for you walking in on an ongoing class 😉.
If you want to reserve a classroom for just you and your fellow students, send an email to lokaalreservering.mit@kdg.be.


Want to do something cool with the KdGPlanner data? We are currently working on providing you with a free to use API containing information about classrooms, lessons and much more...

API Calls

Get available classrooms

GET https://kdgplanner.be/api/Lessons?dateTime=2021/12/05 09:06&campus=GR&minAvailabilityMinutes=30 

Get all classrooms

GET https://kdgplanner.be/api/Classroom